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Mother’s Pizza (Parlour & Spaghetti House)

As some of you may know Mother’s Pizza made its debut back in Hamilton (well technically Stoney Creek). I must admit I don’t remember it too much from when I was a child but still…

Lets recap the night:

1) We (my friend MELANIE and I) went to have dinner at 6pm and we were told it would be an hour wait. Normally I would not wait this long but I made an exception given that it did just have it’s grand opening the day prior.

2) We get our table at 7 pm and it takes literally 45 minutes before we even see our appetizer. Not to mention I thought I would splurge for a lemonade which basically consisted of watered down sprite with a lemon in it, definitely not what I was expecting.

3) So maybe back in the day it was acceptable to have just one type of dough/crust but nowadays it is not! Other pizza places offer whole wheat crust, thin crust, you name it.

4) I ordered the pizza since that’s what they were technically famous for and man was I in for a surprise. This dough actually looked like it came frozen! HELLO - If I wanted Delissio I would have stayed at home, I want fresh dough!!!

5) When the bill came we were going to pay with visa and we were informed that we needed to pay at the back because they didn’t have wireless credit card machine. Okay understandable except for the fact when you walked to the back they handed you the wireless machine…

Sadly Mother’s Pizza did not live up to the hype and if it wants to stay afloat it better switch things up FAST! I personally wish that building just stayed a Tony Roma’s.

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